There is much that needs to be done to serve the underprivileged and communities across sub-Saharan Africa. Our initial projects will focus on clearing the pathways to quality health care and a strong commitment to education as the keys to a sustainable future for one community at a time.

The ultimate goal of all our projects is to establish an infrastructure enabling communities to provide long-term preventive care, wellness education and employment on a permanent basis for their children and many generations to come.

You, in coordination with our staff and volunteers spread across the globe, can create a future where quality health care and education are basic rights that all Africans can depend on to launch more productive and fulfilling lives.

We believe our founding structure, Providing Access to Healthcare and Education in Africa (P.A.H.E Africa), will conceive a fertile environment for our generation and the next generation across Sub-Saharan Africa.


The Tess Foundation created Providing Access to Health care and Education (PAHE) Africa as our overarching structure for developing original and collaborative initiatives that serve the underprivileged across the continent. Our initiatives under PAHE Africa are:

  • Tess Foundation Academy
  • Medical Care Access Initiative (MCAI)

The Tess Foundation Academy

This is an initiative dedicated to providing unhindered access to quality education to young people of sub-Saharan Africa. Our program includes:

The Dream BIG Summer Camp Project (TDBSCP)

The Dream Big Summer Camp Project (TDBSCP) is a three (3) week program designed to inspire, motivate, empower and equip our youths (ages 12-17) with the tools to become successful in life. During this inspiring three-week summer camp program, students will engage in community service, learning skills workshop and recreational activities designed to create a PATH to success.

The program encourages young students to stay in school, overcome obstacles and plan ahead for college, SAT prep and career readiness. The prospective young students will be taught how to be prepared for the future and move forward with character, strength and confidence to face an ever-changing world.


The Tess Foundation Academy offers a mentorship program complete with live and web-based interactive sessions to connect teens and young adults with mentors on careers, relationships and life experiences.The virtual mentorship program gives students access to worldwide mentors who can guide them through their scholastic struggles and support their career aspirations.

Career Shadowing

The enlightening Career Shadowing Program is a full-day youth development program that exposes students to a professional business environment. Students observe the workplace first-hand, following a professional throughout the course of a typical workday. This program deepens students’ understanding of their industry and career paths, enabling them to connect a college major to a career.

Inroads Internship Program

Our internship program is a short term employment position through the TESS foundation corporate partners. The Internship program might be paid or unpaid based on the company’s agreement. This is an official program to provide practical experience for beginners in their chosen career path. The employment duration depends on company’s availability.

Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM)

The STEM program is designed to increase and strengthen students ( especially girls) involvement in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Dropout Prevention Program

This program supports students off the streets to successfully complete primary, secondary  and tertiary education.

Entrepreneurship /Leadership Workshops and Vocational Training

These workshops are offered throughout the year to foster leadership skills and an entrepreneurial spirit. Vocational Training provides students with the skill set needed for their chosen career path.

Annual Youth Leadership Summit & Career Fair

The Annual Youth Leadership Summit and Career Fair is a two-day conference that features a discussion panel from highly successful entrepreneurs in the industry along with inspirational guest speakers. It’s designed to empower future leaders to create innovative ideas that will contribute towards the economical growth.

Students will have an opportunity to present an invention/project at the summit. The most creative invention will be funded by the Tess foundation.  The summit will also include series of entrepreneurship workshops, admission representatives from Ivy League schools, International & local based schools and companies from different industries. This will create an avenue for students to interact with professionals in the industry, secure internship programs, network with their peers and inspire the future leaders to be driven with a purpose in life.

Dream2Achieve Scholarship Funds

The Dream2Achieve Scholarship ensures that students experiencing financial hardship have what they need to follow their dreams and reach their full potentials. Each scholarship recipient will be assigned a mentor, an internship program and e-learning tools to increase academic achievement and give them the staying power to stick to their goals and achieve their dreams.

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The Medical Care Access Initiative (MCAI)

Several lives are lost in Africa daily from preventable and non-life threatening diseases. Africa continues to lead the rest of the world in the annual incidence of maternal & infant mortality and cardiovascular deaths. According to WHO in 2012, 5.9-million people died from communicable diseases such as lower respiratory tract infections, tuberculosis, diarrheal and malaria while 2.7-million died from heart disease and various forms of cancer and diabetes. The issue is not a lack of knowledge on the etiology of these diseases or appropriate standard clinical practices, but the dearth of recourses and effective strategies to reverse these trends.

The Tess Foundation Africa will strive to bring solutions to address a wide spectrum of healthcare needs across Sub-Saharan Africa by:

Setting up interconnected network of primary care clinics to achieve a long term goal for primary health care services and integrating technology to streamline health care delivery.

Medical missions to rural and inner-city areas using mobile clinics to reach out to patients for care.

Building healthier communities and spreading healthcare awareness campaigns and health education.

Advancing education, skills development and awareness of healthcare professionals to promote local capacity building.