Healthcare and Education

We strive to improve access to quality healthcare and education in poor and underserved communities across  Sub-Saharan Africa  by creating long-term sustainable solutions to eradicate poverty.

We are committed to providing healthcare to the poor and underserved communities through enhanced exposure to high quality medical facilities, medical missions and promoting health awareness campaigns to improve health outcomes.

We are also committed to education equality and improving literacy standards through youth development and empowerment programs giving every child a chance to succeed.

In 2015, The Tess Foundation launched “Educate A Child Campaign” and “The Dream Big Summer Camp Project” at its first annual gala to promote access to quality education in underserved communities and public schools in Nigeria.

We were able to provide access to basic educational needs to over 300 students and 12 scholarships because of you.

We look forward to successful programs and your continuous support in 2016.